Monday, March 23, 2009

Friends! How many of us have them??

A friend is someone who is always honest with you, even when and ESPECIALLY when the truth hurts.

I'm finding out that I may only have one friend who embodies the REAL definition of a friend...

A friend is the person that walks in when everyone else walks out.

I definitely only have ONE friend like that... and she's in the Navy so we don't talk that often. The "friends" that I have now, can't say they're down with me through thick and thin. As a matter of fact, I know if something happens (ppl starting rumors, financial problems) they will be the first to jump ship. Luckily none of these events have happened, but people show their true colors when stuff goes down. But, time will tell.

I need a reality show like Paris Hilton. LoL.... wait, I guess I need one like Flavor Flav too then... Yuck!

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thehoustongirl said...

What's good son?! LOL I just finished blogging, so go read lol